FordOC was founded in 2011 by friends with a mutual interest in Fords. The main aim of the club is to give owners and enthusiasts the opportunity to share their knowledge, ideas and appreciation with like-minded individuals.  We also pride ourselves on providing a family-friendly atmosphere on our club stands at a variety of shows across the country. Whether you drive a classic Capri or a brand new Focus, we welcome any Ford to our flock. We have a variety of members, some who display pristine show cars and others who bring along their daily drivers - everyone is welcome with us!

Though it started life as a forum, FordOC has now become a social media based club, making it far more accessible for our members. The FordOC Facebook group, in particular, has become a platform for enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds to converse with one another and share photos instantaneously. We regularly run competitions for our members including our popular 'Photo of the Month' competition. You can view winning photographs in the gallery. 

FordOC is not run for profit and membership is free. Any money we make on merchandise pays for our running costs. In order to pay for our promotional materials, such as banners and flags, we rely on the generosity of our members. We endeavour to make FordOC stand out at the shows we attend, so that our members' cars are centre of attention. To help us out, please click on the donation link below.